The Maternity Files: We’re Pregnant!
Trigger warning: Pregnancy, Miscarriage, TTC

This is a bit of a delayed post – and I have been MIA for quite a while, but I am back with some exciting news…


Those of my readers that follow me on social media will already be well aware (I haven’t shut up about it since I announced it). It still feels surreal to even announce my pregnancy. We had been trying for a baby for 10 months, and in Month 10, we sadly miscarried. I felt my whole world had fallen apart, but Alas, my rainbow baby had other ideas and found her way to me in February of this year. 

We are truly so happy – we started trying in January 2021. I feel like there have been months where I have absolutely pined for a baby of my own, and now I am lucky enough to finally be growing her. 

I have so much to catch up with you all on, and so much of my journey is still yet to come – but I will quickly run over a few of the more important things. 

On February 19th, I woke up at 3 AM after having the most bizarre dream 3 times over and over again. I dreamt I had a pregnancy test with a massive plus sign on it, drawn in marker pen and I was FaceTiming my family to show them. 

My dog, Buzz started randomly crying so I had to get out of bed to let him out. Whilst waiting for him to go and do his business outside, I had the strongest urge to do a pregnancy test. I had done one the week before as I had had symptoms, but they were all negative (although – I could have SWORN I saw a faint line on one of them which disappeared in seconds). 

I came back upstairs and sat in bed after Buzz had finished – and I sat for 20 minutes or so debating whether or not to do the test. Brad was sound asleep, so I couldn’t wake him – and I knew I’d want to scream it from the rooftops if It was a positive result.

After humming and harring I finally decided to take it. I sat on the toilet, peed on the stick & then clutched it firmly to my chest whilst I prayed to my mum above that this was finally my moment. I was trying to wait the full 2 minutes as advised, but I couldn’t help but have a quick peek about 30 seconds after taking it. There were 2 lines for sure, staring back at me. I was in absolute disbelief – the positive line was really faint, so I took another digital clear blue test straight away. Within a minute or so, it flashed up in big letters “PREGNANT”.

I have no idea how I ever thought I could go back to sleep – Soon, I got bored of tossing and turning, and decided to go watch some tv downstairs and set up a little announcement on our dining room table, patiently awaiting brad to wake up. Our pregnancy was announced to brad as soon as his eyes were open (I physically couldn’t wait any longer) and he was over the moon! 

It was such a euphoric feeling – 

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and I am due in October, We found out we were having a baby girl at our 16-week scan. 

We had a few minor complications in early pregnancy, which luckily amounted to nothing serious- and baby girl is growing exactly how she should be. 

It is such a blessing to be able to grow a baby & bring her into this world, and I feel so lucky to be able to experience this with Brad. 

I have so many posts in the bank ready to go, including my trimester diaries’ so far. I am so excited to count down the weeks to Baby Stewart’s arrival with you all! 

Sending so much love to anyone TTC, experiencing loss, or just pregnant and struggling. You are not alone. x