how to become a morning person

If you know me, you will know that I am a major early bird. I’ve always been a morning person – but ever since we moved into our own place I have made an effort to be out of bed by 6AM every morning. I always wondered how to become a morning person, and I have learnt lots of little tricks along the way.

I choose to be an early riser as it means I can have a proper morning routine and take some time to myself before I start my day. If I wake up an hour earlier each day, that’s SEVEN HOURS I extra I have in a week (duh).

“Take excellent care of the front end of your day, and the rest of the day will take care of itself”.

The benefits of waking up early

There are so many benefits to waking up early- some of the most successful people in the world start their day in the early AM.

You catch the most beautiful sunrises

Im telling you, no matter how tired I am, I never get bored of seeing the sunrise. We are so lucky to live virtually on the coast where the sunrise is breathtaking.

I usually take this time to sit and breathe for a couple of minutes, take in my surroundings and gather my thoughts.

You are more productive

The beauty of waking up an hour earlier every day is that you get 7 extra hours a week… obviously.

It appears a common trait amongst successful people is rising early, this is mainly because successful people are usually really busy, and can’t afford to “lose time”.

Waking up an hour earlier every day means that I have an extra hour to fit in a workout, or walk the dogs, or do some blogging etc. The possibilities are endless!

You become more organised

I know this one is true as I have seen the effects myself. I used to be the kind of person that would wake up 15 minutes before I need to leave for work.

Now I have at least two hours a morning spare (depending on my shift) to get myself organised for the day, or clean the house, pack lunches or play with the puppies.

My point is, is that I now have two hours spare to do something for myself every morning and as a result, I am a way more organised person!

So… How do I become a morning person, I hear you ask?

Read on, Babe!

You need to make sure you have a solid bedtime Routine.

Going to bed early is my all time favourite thing to do. I am such a grandma… Both Brad and I are always in bed by 9PM latest and I genuinely think this is the reason that we can get up so early without any issue.

Sleep is so so important, and I am one of those people who cannot survive on anything less than 8 hours a night.

Going to bed early will get easier the more you do it, and once in a routine, you will see just how vital it is.

Sleep with your blinds open!

This is my main tip! Since sleeping with our blind open, we wake up far easier than what we would if we woke up to pitch black.

Even on weekends, we sleep with our blinds open as the sunrise naturally wakes us up. I don’t feel nearly as tired as I would if I awoke in pure darkness.

Get some fresh air as soon as you wake up

This is a kind of given for me as I have two very energetic puppies. We make sure walking our dogs is the first thing we do in our day.

It sounds horrific, but honestly I can’t tell you how great it is to go for a walk at 5.30am and breathe in the fresh air, it’s an instant energy boost.

When I go for a walk first thing, I am beaming with energy for the rest of the day and normally have an extremely productive day ahead as a result.

Start by setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier than usual

The easiest way to get yourself waking up earlier is to start little by little.

Start by waking 10 minutes earlier than usual, then the same the next day, the day after and so on.

Introducing an earlier alarm gradually will be less of a shock to your body, and easier to deal with.

Stay away from the snooze button!

The snooze button is the devil. Hitting the snooze button will make you feel worse – and more tired.

If you snooze your alarm – you send signals to your brain that you have more time to sleep. You then drift off into a deep sleep again which is interrupted 5 minutes later by a blaring alarm – hence why you will feel horrendous.

You will be surprised at how much better you will feel if you get up straight away.

Have a set morning routine

I have a set morning routine depending on which day of the week it is. This is enough to get me out of bed itself.

If I start work at 9am, I know I have to workout in the morning otherwise I won’t get a chance once I’m home etc.

Following a routine in the morning means that you will know exactly where you stand each morning and you won’t have the chance to sleep in.

Morning by morning, you will slowly find yourself adapting to rising early. Once you get a taste for it, you will make it a staple in your routine. Implement these tips into your routine and you will never look back!

Get up early… even on a weekend!

When making a habit of something, you need to ensure you are being consistent. Your body has no idea what a weekend is.

This means that come Monday, you will be out of routine again from having 2 lay-ins in between.

Our dogs usually have us up early, anyway but we always get up before 7AM on the weekend, too.

If you are really, really craving a lay in, then do not resist, as your body is telling you to rest. Just make sure you are back on it the next morning!