Spring Essentials
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Not to alarm anyone, but the UK hit a humongous TWENTY ONE DEGREES last week… I know, I know. Big stuff. In all seriousness, after the longest, coldest, dullest winter in my whole life, I am so glad to finally be seeing some sunshine. Last week got me so excited for spring time – Beer gardens, BBQ’s and most importantly, *finally* being able to make use of my cute summer dresses that are worn approx once a year. So Buckle up gals and boys, I am here to share my Spring essentials for 2021.

First up are these Jelly Flat Sandals that I have been literally living in. I have quite wide feet, so finding strappy sandals that actually fit me is an absolute mission. They are so comfy and go with pretty much any outfit. They also come in black, which I am definitely going to be snatching up ASAP.

nude jelly sandals

Some more sandals I am loving!

I had to include my trusty ItCosmetics CC cream for the 1000th post. This is just my holy grail and something I have continued to use for about 5 years now. I tend to put this away over winter as I go for a more-matte look, but this guy gives me the most glowy skin ever so its perfect for Spring time.

You’d be mad to think I wouldn’t include my REFY Beauty 3.0 Brow products. I kind of hack the system as I only tend to now use step 1 and step 3 – the Brow gel and brow pencil. I do really rate the products – I wrote a post on my thoughts on the REFY Beauty 3.0 System. But over the last month or so, Ive found I’ve been skipping the brow pomade. These are a definite spring essential of mine – Once you go REFY you never go back.

Another Major essential for me (all year round tbh) is the Elizabeth Arden White Tea Perfume. Now; I was a Gucci Guilty girl through and through until I was bought this one Christmas, and now I rarely ever pick my Gucci Guilty up. Im awful with describing scents, but Google recons its a musky-woody floral (whatever the f that means). All I know is that it smells GOOD and I can’t go a day without wearing it.

Other Beauty Products I am loving for spraaaaang

spring earrings

Now, I want to share something very shocking with you all… I haven’t been wearing gold earrings that often, I’ve found I have been reaching for bright, colourful earrings with patterns on instead! I know! What’s gotten into me? Don’t get me wrong, Gold jewellery is where my heart lies but now spring has sprung, I have been wearing a lot more colour in general. This addiction started when the lovely Kirsty over at @opulenceJewelleryUK on instagram asked if she could send me some of her beautiful handmade earrings to try. The earrings are made from polymer clay and each carefully shaped and manufactured by hand. They are genuinely stunning and really well made too. Love them!

Some other accessories you need for the next few months!