Food Diary: An Average Week Of Eating

Now I will am going to throw it straight out there that my eating habits are my most self-sabotaging trait. I come from a family of mixed asian heritage where food is quite literally our life. I grew up watching my parents make beautiful dishes of all kinds – and we always ate together no matter what.

The only problem is that people of asian heritage just ~love~ their salt and oil. Which means that anything that could be remotely healthy turns out to be a gazillion calories per portion. Delicious, nonetheless and it’s something I truly miss about living at home, but with a family history of heart problems and diabetes, it is all the more important that I make sure my diet is in check.

That being said, because I was spoilt with incredible food growing up, Adult-Meg now turns her nose up to anything that doesn’t “taste like dad made it”. I mean that in the loosest term, as NOTHING I make ever tastes like my dad made it (even if I follow his instructions word for word ffs) but it means that everything has to be seasoned up to the high heavens for me to enjoy it – which is why I struggle with healthy eating at the best of times.

My main motive for the last 2 months was to get my diet back on track. I swear by the classic 20/80 split when it comes to treats but it started turning into more of a 40/60 situation so I knew something had to change. Many of you will know I follow the Courtney Black workout app for exercise, and I genuinely adore it. I definitely exercise to feel great in myself and to generally become a fitter person with great stamina- but when you’re putting in all the hours and not seeing any results it can be quite demotivating. I knew it was all down to my diet so it had to change.

Now, a bit of a disclaimer… The meals in this post are 10000% meals I enjoy and eat on a weekly/daily basis. This is a realistic week in the terms of that I still enjoyed treats throughout – however not every week looks exactly like this. I try very hard to keep to my 20/80 rule and generally only “treat” myself on a saturday unless I am really craving something in the week. I decided not to include Saturday or Sunday purely because I had plans and I kind of just picked things up on the go.


Breakfast: Rye Bread topped with turkey bacon, spinach, scrambled egg and pomegranate seeds drizzled with balsamic truffle glaze.

Lunch: Tuna and half a packet of couscous mixed with a tiny bit of Mayo.

Dinner: Chicken Shawarma with a wholemeal pitta and greek salad.

Snack: Strawberries.


Breakfast: Baked protein oats with strawberries and blueberries.

Lunch: Halloumi and chicken sausage salad.

Dinner: Salmon with honey roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli, sweet potato and sweetcorn.

Snack: Iced coffee with sugar free syrup and coconut milk.


Breakfast: Rye bread with turkey bacon and a poached egg, drizzled with balsamic truffle dressing.

Lunch: Halloumi and chicken sausage salad.

Dinner: Pan fried seabass with Honey Roasted Brussel sprouts and Aldi Pouch lentils.

Snack: Aldi Fiber now bar


Breakfast: Protein baked Oats with chocolate chips and banana.

Lunch: Wholemeal pitta bread with salad, tuna, cheese and a boiled egg.

Dinner: Aldi Lentil pouch with Boiled Broccoli and leftover shawarma chicken.

Snack: 2 lotus biscuits, 2 strawberries, a handful of blueberries and a cup of tea.


Breakfast: Protein baked Oats with chocolate chips and banana topped with a teaspoon of Lotus spread, strawberries and blueberries.

Lunch: Turkey and Ham subway salad with light mayo.

Dinner: Dominoes…. YUM.

This is definitely a realistic week for me. The weekends look pretty similar to my week days, and I allow myself one takeaway a week (Friday or Saturday) unless I am doing a workout challenge, then I am a little stricter. I don’t drink much alcohol at all, but I do occasionally like a glass of pinot here and there too. I truly believe in not restricting myself when it comes to food as I had awful habits as a teenager which would mean I would go days without hardly eating and then binge because I was so ravenous.

Here are a couple of healthy changes I have made to my diet:

  • I do not drink cows milk often – I will only have cows milk in a cup of tea or if its in something like yorkshire puddings etc. I always reach for unsweetened almond milk for things like baked oats and pancakes and then for protein shakes or iced coffee, I use unsweetened coconut milk.
  • I try to replace dark chocolate with milk chocolate where I can – Obviously if i really fancy milk chocolate or white chocolate I will not restrict myself, but usually 70% dark chocolate cures the craving for me.
  • I always start the day with a healthy breakfast – I am not much of a breakfast person in terms of “breakfast food” but I am someone who gets Hangry if I do not eat within the first couple of hours of waking up… Especially if I workout in the morning! I make sure I have a healthy breakfast no matter what as it sets me up for the day.
  • I drink just as much Peppermint tea as I do normal black tea – I bought peppermint tea to help soothe my stomach when I get bad IBS flare ups, but over the years I have really grown to love it and more often than not, reach for it over black tea.
  • I aim to drink 4 bottles of water a day – This is definitely an ~AIM~. However, My workouts are very intense so It is so crucial that I get my H20 in.
  • I try to bulk up the majority of my food with salad/veg – this started when I lived at home and couldn’t resist my dad’s cooking, but didn’t want to use half of my daily calories up on one meal… I still try to bulk up most of my food with veg as it is so filling and it means my I can still have big portions.

I have learnt alot about how to fuel my body the correct way, and no longer try to avoid certain foods to “lose weight” because I have done this for years and it never got me anywhere – besides, life is way too short to avoid pizza!