I tried Jess Hunt’s Refy Beauty Products… HIT OR MIss?

Since working from home, I have really been embracing the au natural look. I literally do my makeup maximum once a week now. I mean, I’m not hating it… I feel that my skin is reaping the benefits from it and it’s nice to chill on my light sofa not having to worry about leaving an orange face imprint if I fall asleep (first world probz) BUT I just don’t feel Myself when I don’t make an effort for a while.

I generally do not buy myself any beauty products these days as It’s one thing I am gifted most (which is bloody amazing and I’m so grateful) and with working from home, I just don’t get as much use out of it.

I’ve said many times before that I am a literal bush baby. My thick, dark facial hair seems to compensate for my thin, dreary head hair and if I go a month without a threading appointment, I am often mistaken for one of the sweeney boys. (Ok that was said more for dramatic effect but you get me). I have managed to keep on top of the facial-hair-situation by keeping a nice stock of wax strips and derma planing my face but you can definitely tell that I haven’t seen my brow lady since the start of December.

I decided to make a kind of *impulse* purchase and placed an order for the refy beauty brow collection in shade dark. It was £40.00 which I personally think is good for 3 products, as my normal go to is benefit brow zings which is £27.00 but that’s just for a powder and pomade.

The set consists of brow sculpt, brow pomade and brow pencil. There is a process that founder, Jess Hunt recommends you follow called the 3.0 stage process. It says you use the brow sculpt first, then the pomade and then finally the pencil.

It does take a while to get used to the products, the first time I used them it didn’t go as planned, but as you learn to use them a bit more, it gets a lot easier.

Stage 1.0: Brow Sculpt

The brow sculpt is essentially a brow “glue” it is used to sculpt your brows into place and this is what makes the ~fluffy~ effect. It is like a mascara tube and you apply the product with a spoolie brush. I found the product itself to be quite thick; It applies as a white colour but then turns translucent when dry. It is quite hard at first to get used to the product, but once you get the hang of it there is no turning back.

Stage 2.0: The pomade

So the next step is to apply the pomade. This is used to shade your brows and give them a fuller look. Now, not going to lie, I am completely comparing this to Benefit brow zings. I have used Benefit brow zings since I was about 16 so it is one of my staples. I *really* dislike the Refy Beauty Pomade brush. I do not know why they ever thought to include a brush like that. It doesn’t feel like great quality, and it’s too thick to apply any pomade accurately. I use the pomade brush that comes with the benefit brow zings now. However, the actual pomade itself is a dream. It glides on so nicely, and it is so pigmented. It’s really easy to build up too.

Stage 3.0:

The final stage is the brow pencil. It is used to define individual brow hairs and create a “3D” effect. It is one of my all time favourite makeup products! It’s literally what I’ve been looking for for the longest time. The pencil end is so fine and the product is so pigmented and smooth. It is so easy to draw accurate faux brow strokes with. It really is a great product!

You can check out my Instagram reel on how to apply it here:

Overall, I absolutely love the products! Jess Hunt has completely nailed it… For once, instagram has made me buy a product i’m genuinely happy with! If you have been wondering whether to part with £40.00 then DO. IT.