How I grew my eyelashes after years of extensions
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If any positives of lockdown, It’s that I have learnt to embrace being Au Naturale (I say that as if I’ve had a choice?). Albeit I had a monobrow and mustache for approximately 6 months of 2020, but it meant that I gave my face a well needed break from makeup too.

I will be the first to admit that I am high maintenance. Not in a bad bratty way (Brad will disagree) but more in a beauty-treatment-way. Ever since I was about 16 I have had my nails and hair done monthly, but after nearly 6 years of extensions (nails, eyelash and hair) It started to take its toll.

After getting over the initial shock and realisation that I am in fact going to revert back to the bush baby I once was (cheers asian genes x) I started to find positives in taking a break from all the treatments. I decided to use this time as a refresh and let my lashes, skin and nails breathe so that they became stronger and healthier.

The worst shock was how short and stubby my lashes had become. When I was younger, my long, thick eyelashes were one of the first things people noticed about me. It wasn’t until about 18 years old that I even first wore fake lashes! I was so used to having long lashes, that I felt so sad to see them in such bad condition. It’s also worth adding that this wasn’t entirely down to lash extensions, as my lash lady is the best in business and knows how to not ruin lashes. But after years of extensions and me picking them off (gross I know lol) they were so unhealthy.

I have tried lots of different things in the past to grow my lashes – at one time, putting vaseline on your lashes was an actual thing… may come as a surprise but it didn’t do shit. I have tried olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil… every oil there is. The only thing I found that sort of worked was a mix of equal parts coconut oil, castor oil and vitamin E oil applied before bed; This is what I swore by in high school and it did make my lashes so long – only problem is they were still thin.

I have heard many-a-thing about Revitalash but just couldn’t justify the price tag which is why I put off buying it for so many years. But after seeing the state of my spikes, I knew it was a worthy investment.

I ended up choosing the 2ml one (just a casual £89 for 2 mls?!?!?!) which is equivalent to 2-3 months usage. It’s really easy to use- you just apply to dry lashes every night before bed and let it do its magic. It took 3 weeks of solid use before seeing any kind of growth. I then stopped using it for a little while, but now I have gone back to religiously applying it nightly.

I was a bit worried about spending that amount of money on Revitalash for it to not do much, but I am so impressed with the results and genuinely do not think I will go back to having eyelash extensions now. ItCosmetics Superhero mascara* is all I use now on days when I wear makeup. I totally ditch the eyelash curler as it doesn’t do anything other than snap my lashes.

September 2020 – January 2021. Used for 3 weeks solid, then occasionally thereafter.

As you can see above, my lashes are now 10X healthier and look so much longer and thicker. They are at a length I am happy with, so I will just apply the revitalash now as and when, but considering the full length of treatment is supposed to take 3 months, they have grown a crazy amount for how sporadically it was applied.