Gift Guide: The Beauty Edit

I feel as if beauty products are quite hard to gift unless you A) have been told specifically what that person likes or B) you’re into beauty products yourself. I am not typically mad about beauty products, nor am I a beauty guru of any kind. However, I am partial to a decent beauty product and I would be happy if I was gifted one, too!

As in my gift guide for the homebody, These are all things I have either asked for myself this year, things I already own and things I that are on my wishlist.

Disclaimer: most of the links in this post are affiliate links – meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click/ purchase through the link. Links Denoted with a * are products that have been sent to me on a gifted basis.All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

  1. First up, is a Makeup bag – This one is a personalised one. Obviously you don’t have to get this exact makeup bag, there is so many on the market to choose from! However, this is from a small business and I absolutely love it! The personalised initials make it so much more special too. Every makeup lover knows that makeup bags are so handy and always needed. This one retails at £65.00 which isn’t the cheapest of gifts but it’s handmade and made of leather so will last for years!
  2. ItCosmetics Confidence in your Beauty Sleep Night Cream* – I could bang on about ItCosmetics products for days. Anyone know knows me will know this is my all time favourite brand. I included this one as well in my gift guide for the homebody but definitely think this one needs to be a staple in any beauty-lover’s makeup bag. This one is £43.00, so a bit more on the pricey side- however, this is luxury in a pot – so 100% worth it.
  3. The ItCosmetics Celebrate your Power gift set* is another fav of mine. I used to religiously get my eyelashes done, and after years of eyelash extensions (although my eyelash lady is incredible and insanely talented) my eyelashes were not as long as they once used to be. I smothered them in revitalash for a month, and now they are so long and thick again. Now, I only wear the ItCosmetics Superhero mascara* on my lashes as it makes them look sooo long and thick. The set also comes with the Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil* which is another great product. The actual pencil is so thin, so makes it really easy to draw in real-looking brow lines. This one retails at £21.00 which i think is fairly inexpensive for decent quality makeup products!
  4. Revolution Rose Quartz face roller is the 4th product on the list. Now, this may or may not come as a surprise to you, but I have never actually used a face roller. “why TF has she put this on the gift guide then?” I hear you ask? Well, Judgemental Jenny, it’s because I have always wanted to try out a facial roller and never got round to buying one. I just think this is a great gift idea and it’s only £12.00 at the moment with the Beauty bay sale, so it would be a good inexpensive gift choice too!
  5. Mylee Gel Nail kit. This year has been the least I have gotten my nails done in about 5 years. Due to all the lockdowns etc, I decided to go back to using my beloved gel nail kit I got when I was in college and couldn’t afford to get my nails done every month. I have definitely done my nails more myself than I have had them done at a salon. This one is a top notch brand and it gives your recipient everything they need to start doing their nails themself. This set is £60.00 which to be honest, isn’t very expensive for a good quality nail set. I have a blog post here on how to do your nails yourself, if you *ahem* want to pass it on to the recipient to have a look at too.
  6. Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow Face – My saviour last summer and my most asked about beauty product too because of how glowy it makes my face. This is such a versatile product and can be used on both your face and body – Definitely one for the makeup bag. This is priced at £26.00 but that’s to be expected with high-end makeup brands.
  7. The Elizabeth Arden 8 hour miracle lip balm is something that if your beauty-loving recipient doesn’t already have, they certainly need it. No one should be without this lip balm in their makeup bag. Priced at £20.00 – this isn’t necessarily what someone would buy themselves, hence why it’s the perfect gift. You’re probably thinking 20 quid is ridiculous for a lip balm, but let me tell ya, this is like no other. This has been a staple of mine since I was 15!
  8. Lush Snow Fairy Shower gel. I’m guessing everyone who has access to the internet already knows about this. This was a massive hit back in 2015, but I still love it to this day. I never get bored of it as I only ever have it around this time of year. I know that if someone got this for me, I’d be so pleased! You can get these in all different sizes – I normally opt for the 250g one which is priced at £10.00 but this is ideal for me as it lasts me about 2-3 weeks which is all I really want it for in the festive months.
  9. BaByliss Big Hair Rotating Styler I have had this now for around a year and it’s a serious game changer. I use this daily on my curtain bangs- but you can actually give yourself a faux blow dry with this too. I once done this and although time consuming (I’m the most impatient girl ever) it actually looked like I’d just payed a visit to the salon. This one retails at £45.00 which I actually dont think is too bad! It’s basically a blow dry brush which rotates by itself so it saves doing the whole *brush in one hand, dryer in other, getting tangled up and hot & sweaty* situation too.
  10. Gucci Guilty is my all time favourite perfume – you can’t go wrong with gucci guilty either as it’s such a beautiful smelling perfume. I always think it seems almost luxury, aswell? This one retails at £56.00. Not the cheapest of perfumes, but definitely one that is going to impress.

So there you have my beauty picks. I Hope this has given you inspiration on what to ask for, or even inspiration on what to buy your beauty-loving recipients!