Christmas movies you NEED to watch!

It probably comes as no surprise that my favourite genre of movie is Christmas! Let me start by telling you that I am absolutely not a movie person- or a TV person for that matter. I have the attention span of a 6 year old, and cannot sit still for long enough to watch a movie and enjoy it. However, stick a Christmas movie on and I’m suddenly glued to the TV.

I have tried & tested every single Christmas film there is, three times over – and I’m here to tell you my favourite 10. AKA the ten movies you absolutely need to watch now.

1. Elf

My all time favourite Christmas movie. There are not enough words in this world to explain how bloody much I love this film. Elf is about a human that is raised by elves; He leaves the North Pole and sets off to New York to find his biological dad.

This is my all time favourite movie because A) Will Ferrell, Obviously. And B) NEW YORK. It is such a feel good film and I have watched this film over and over countless times. Ahhhh I just love it.

2. Home Alone 2

Bit of a controversial one, I’m aware. And it was a hard choice to make… believe me. It’s a very close call, but home alone 2 is my second favourite Christmas film. It definitely has something to do with New York (my favvvv place in the world) but it’s just so nostalgic too. I’m sure most of you have seen it, but just in case- Home Alone 2 is a sequel to Home Alone. Kevin accidentally boards a different flight to his family and ends up in New York all by himself; he ends up bumping into the robbers again who plan to rob the local toyshop. Every time I watch this I feel so cosy and warm inside. The perfect Christmas film.

3. Home Alone

If I could list the whole Home Alone series, I most certainly would as I’m obsessed with all of them. (Apart from 3? What were the directors thinking when they made that?). Home Alone is an absolute classic and is one that gets me straight in the Christmas mood. Eight-year-old Kevin gets left behind when his family leave for France, he ends up fighting off robbers in his family home by himself. As I said before, classic and definitely one to watch if you haven’t yet.

4. Christmas with the Kranks

I have a confession! I only watched this film for the first time around 4 years ago. How I went so long without watching it, I don’t know! The only way I can describe this film is “cute”. It’s such a sweet film! The Krank’s decide to not celebrate Christmas as their daughter is away for the holidays- their daughter then decides to come back early and they have a mad rush to organise Christmas again. This is another one I can watch over and over. It’s funny and brings back alllll the nostalgic feels when I watch it.

5. Deck the Halls

Another film I naively went 15 years or so of my life without watching. You know it’s gonna be a classic if it features Danny DeVito in too. Steve and his new neighbour, Buddy, try to outdo each other in decorating for Christmas – Buddy tries to make his house “visible from space” which causes conflict. This film is absolutely hilarious and just an all round festive fav of mine.

6. Nativity!

I don’t remember most of my childhood (not to get deep looool) but one thing I do remember is how amazing primary school was around Christmas time. Making Christmas crafts all day, decorating the class room, rehearsing the nativity play… sooooooo nostalgic. Nativity! brings all the memories back – primary school teacher Paul is asked to produce the annual nativity play. Paul lies to his opponent telling him that Hollywood are coming to watch the play- this is where the havoc begins. So funny, the kids are so sweet & it brings back alllllll the mems.

7. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This was always a film that me and my siblings sat down to watch just before bed on Christmas Eve every year so I have such beautiful memories associated with this film. The grinch hates Christmas and sets out to ruin the day for everyone. Cindy Lou, a six-year-old who believes in the spirit of Christmas sets out to reform him. There has been a remake of this, but it’s definitely not as good as the original. You neeeeeed to watch if you haven’t already.

8. The Holiday

Anything with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in is a 10/10 for me. This is slightly controversial as it’s not particularly a “Christmas film”, more just a film set at Christmas time- but nonetheless, it’s such a cozy film so definitely gets marked as a Christmas film in my books. Two girls from different countries swap homes for the holidays to get away from their relationship issues. Perfect for throwing on if you’re not *quite* ready to fully start celebrating Christmas yet and it’s a proper love story… who doesn’t love a Christmas romance?

9. Arthur Christmas

I’m going to be honest here, I’m not much of a cartoon kind of gal- but this makes a big exception. This is a real feel good film and a lovely one to watch with the family. Santa forgets to deliver a gift to a child and his youngest son, Arthur must make the delivery before dawn. Arthur is the cutest little guy and the whole film is so sweet.

10. Get Santa

Last but definitely not least, I don’t actually think this is a very popular one either. After crashing his sleigh, Santa turns to a father and son to help him round up his reindeer so he can continue Christmas. Such a funny film & really festive too. As I say, I don’t think this one is that popular of a film, but definitely a great one to watch.

So there you have My top ten Christmas movies! I like to think of myself as a Christmas film connoisseur, so you won’t be disappointed!