These are the sort of posts I freeze up on and have no idea what to write. Truth is, I have been trying to write this post for the last 3 months. I have been writing, deleting, re-writing, deleting…. You get my drift.

Last time we spoke; we were in the midst of a zombie apocalypse–esque lockdown. I was sacked from my job, toilet roll was like gold dust and most importantly – a deadly virus was (still is!) slowly taking over the world. You couldn’t fucking write it.

One thing which I found a particularly peculiar feeling was that part of me felt like I needed a lockdown. Hear me out on this one; I really feel for anyone who has been affected by Covid-19, It seriously hurts my heart to think that people have lost their loved ones. It makes me feel so blessed that the only thing I lost was my job- but for me personally there was also many positives to come of such a diar situation. 

The whole world slowed down, I spent more time with my loved ones, I was able to learn new skills and spend time doing things that I’d never normally get the time to do. 

One thing that I was able to put all of my time and efforts in to was my blog. Those of you that know me know that I have been blogging since I was 15 – it was actually my 6 year bloggiversary on the 6th August! It’s been something that I’ve always been so passionate about, something that I am so proud of and something that I feel I am actually good at. 

However, what I am not so good at is being bloody consistent with it. Believe me, if blogging was my full-time gig then it wouldn’t be so hard to stay on track. But truth is; working full time, having a social life, keeping consistent at the gym, along with allllll of the other many things that I do daily, blogging (sometimes) takes the back seat… and it seems to have stayed there for 4 months…

The reason for this post wasn’t to bore you all with the ins and outs of why I am so bad at keeping a routine, it was actually to give a little update as to what is going on in my life right now. I’m sure most of you know anyway, seems as I don’t stop going on about it from the minute I wake up but;


It only took our solicitors a casual 8 months to do their job but we’re finally in. I haven’t had a proper base home since I was little as my parents were divorced and both were serial movers (I’m not joking- all together I moved 7 times in 11 years!). Then I rented a room for a while and after that moved in with Brad and his family; So to have my own place that I can call my home is a surreal feeling. We’ve had they keys for 6 weeks and have had a 7 night holiday in between too, so the last month has been a mental one. We are getting there though!

The baffling thing is how bloody long furnishing a house takes?! With that, there’s choosing colour schemes…planning rooms… ordering the wrong colour non-refundable bed (yeah that definitely happened). I’ve had approximately 1000 breakdowns since we’ve started – to the point where brad doesn’t feel like he’s had a normal day without me kicking off at some point – but it’s all fun and games. 

We still have sooooo much of the house left to finish, so be prepared for copious amounts of interior talk over here on the blog. I still haven’t even really started my dressing room yet, which is something I’m most excited about. 

We got a puppy!

Again, I’m assuming everyone knows this information too. I still cant believe I get to write that either. We have been looking for a pup for around 6 months, but never found the right one and needed to wait until we were in the house first. Once we finally moved in, everything felt too quiet and strange and we knew we needed to get a little companion asap. Finally on Bank holiday Monday, 3 weeks after getting the keys, we found our little angel girl, Bella. We both cant believe how lucky we got to have found her. She is already such a little character and we’re so happy to have a little baby in the house. I will definitely be posting some puppy posts, so buckle up for those too.

I can honestly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life- everything seems to have fallen in place and I’m so happy to have found my life partner at such a young age. (Lol I’m definitely in a new home happy bubble still)

I’m going to make a conscious effort of being a bit more consistent over here on the blog, but to be honest- my Instagram has also taken a bit of a hit. Alas, My favourite months are coming up so I’m settling down and churning some posts out. Sooo… expect to be hearing from me a bit more often kiddos x