The at-home pornstar martini

There is literally no better feeling than laying half naked in the sun, cocktail in hand with music blaring. Since I couldn’t go to ibiza this year, I thought I’d bring ibiza to me instead. Sure, The British weather cannot really be likened to the burning hot Ibizan weather, but we gotta use our imagination a bit.

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a pornstar martini, it is my go-to cocktail whenever I go out. If I could choose one drink to drink forever, it would be a pornstar martini (…ok maybe that is a bit too far). I was due to go on a bevvy-fuelled day sesh last weekend and obviously that had to be cancelled with the current situation, so I took the matter into my own hands and decided to make my own.

Not gonna lie, I have attempted a pornstar martini many-a time before and I am just really shit at cocktail making in general, so whatever I made, it had to be fool-proof. Every single recipe I found required me to use passoa, but I lost my job 3 weeks ago so I weren’t about to be spending £12 on some passionfruit liquor.

(Serves 3)

What you need:

  • roughly 250ml of Passion fruit juice (I found this down the asian isle- you want to fill up your shaker 3/4 with the juice)
  • 3 shots of vodka
  • a dash of vanilla extract
  • squeeze of a lime
  • 2 TBSP passion fruit puree/syrup (I could only find mango&passionfruit but tasted unreal)
  • 2 ripe passion fruits halved
  • caster sugar
  • 1 TSP sugar syrup (you can boil sugar for this but it takes a while)
  • ice
  • cocktail shaker
  • prosecco

How to make:

  1. Fill up your shaker 3/4 with the passion fruit juice
  2. Add vodka, vanilla extract, lime, puree, sugar syrup and ice into the shaker
  3. Shake vigourously for around 2-3 minutes
  4. Take cocktail glasses, tip a bit of passion fruit juice onto a plate – dip the top of the glass into the juice and then dip into sugar so the rim of the glass is coated
  5. Pour the passion fruit mixture into the cocktail glasses
  6. Garnish with half of the passion fruit on top
  7. Serve with a shot of chilled prosecco