The Glow Edit

It’s no secret that I am a lover of dewy makeup. I just never seem to get bored of turning myself into a disco ball. I remember that phase everyone went through of applying highlighter upon highlighter upon highlighter- the *thicc* highlighter look is not one of my favs, I must admit. I do still use powder highlighter but for dewiness, creme products are the best.

The key to every dewy makeup look is to focus on skincare beforehand. Once you have the base nailed, the products soak into the skin so nicely. I have six holy grail products when it comes to a glowy look.

Itcosmetics Confidence In Your Beauty Sleep*

This is an Overnight intensive moisturizer. I was sent this just under a month ago and it is one of my all-time favourite products now. The formula is very heavy duty so it’s easy to apply too much but I use it both at night and about half an hour before I start my makeup to leave it to soak in. It can sometimes leave you with an oily complexion, in which case I lightly wipe over my face with some toner before starting my makeup.

Milani Prime Light Primer

My favourite primer is hands down the benefit porefessional, however, this one comes pretty close and gives an amazing base for a dewy makeup look. The product has a slight iridescent undertone which makes for the perfect glow. Once applied, my foundation sticks to it so well.

Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow Face

Game. Changer. Seriously a massive game-changer if you’re looking to achieve a glow. When I first applied the product, I thought it was horrific. The formula is very similar to the texture of vaseline, meaning that when applied to your face, everything and anything sticks to it. The second time around, I applied a tiny bit on the high points of my face, sponged on my foundation and then applied more of the product on the high points of my face again. The result is just insane and gives the most beautiful natural dewy look. Once you get your head around applying it will be your favourite makeup product ever. Rather than a “highlighted” effect, it gives more of a shine and I’m obsessed!

Ofra Highlighter in shade Rodeo Drive

I said a couple of paragraphs ago that I wasn’t a massive fan of thick highlight powder, but this product is so much more than a powder highlighter and has been a regular purchase of mine for years now. I apply a small amount of the powder with a fan brush over the high points of my face and gradually build it up until I get the right amount of natural dewy-ness.

Illamasqua colour veil in shade Consume*

I was sent this a couple of months ago and was terrified when I first opened it. The idea of a liquid blush scared me to death but it is such a beautiful colour and blends so easily! I apply this with a small buffing brush and then go over it with a beauty blender and repeat until I have the colour I want. This just gives such a lovely glow and makes my skin look so healthy and plump.

Topshop Makeup-up Fixing Mist

I was bought this for Christmas and was so excited about it as I had been meaning to try out some of Topshop’s new collection. The fixing spray sits so nicely and makes my skin so nice and glowy. I spray this all over my face (I think I use too much lol) let it dry for a minute or two, and then go back in with a damp beauty blender and make sure everything looks flawless.

Disclaimer: All of the links in this post are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click/ purchase through the link. Links Denoted with a * are products that have been sent to me on a gifted basis.