Managing anxiety when You’re staying in

I know I don’t need to explain why we’re all having to stay in- however, with COVID-19 being the biggest focus point in the world right now, it only felt right to mention it. With my anxiety being triggered by change and my family members well-being, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that the current climate we’re in is flipping challenging. Over the last 2 weeks there’s been plenty of change; I lost my job which means I’m now having to join the frontline with all of my ex-colleagues in the pharmacy. Having worked as an estate agent for the last 3 years nearly, this has been very unsettling and has influenced me to revert back to some previous darker thoughts that I haven’t had in quite sometime. Although I am now risking my health instead of being safe at home (thanks to my old boss), I am only working a couple of days a week, so I am planning on utilising my time spent at home working on my mental health.

I am fully aware that there are lots of people who feel the same as me at this time, and I always want my content to be as positive as possible, but sometimes life does get a bit too much and I want my blog to be a safe place for people to come and distract themselves for an hour or so.

Over the last 2 weeks, I have obviously been at home a lot more. I have gathered together a couple of things I have been doing, which I find really helpful at keeping my anxiety at bay.

Keep to a routine

If you are like me and you run in the opposite direction whenever the word “change” is thrown about, you need to get yourself into a new routine as quickly as possible. I am obviously not putting loads of pressure on myself, but just making sure I am doing things like: Waking up at 7AM every day, having breakfast by 8.30, going for a 40 minute jog before 11.30. By implementing these small things every day, it makes me feel like I somewhat have my shit together again.

Get dressed every day

Now, I do not mean wear jeans for 8 hours a day whilst you’re sat at home. I am not the devil. What I actually mean is get out of your PJs! It doesn’t matter whether or not you get out of joggers and into new joggers, as long as you are out of your PJ’s, that’s all that matters! I have just been living in gym wear if i’m honest.

Eat as healthy as you can

This has actually been a lot easier than I originally thought. I really enjoy cooking so I think that helps quite a lot too. When I was working, I used to eat healthy every day as I just ate what I packed for myself the day before. Now I’m home, it’s a lot easier to start reaching for unhealthy snacks. I’m not limiting myself too much, as the remedy of settling my anxiety is relieving any extra pressure on myself, but I am making sure I cook for every meal and I’m loving it!

Download the Sims 4

This is not sponsored lol, I am just obsessed. The sims has always been such a nostalgic thing for me, as me and my siblings used to be crazy about the sims when we were younger. It’s definitely not healthy to play video games all day long, but I allow myself a couple of hours every evening to chill out and forget about the world for a bit.

Read as many books as you can!

Im so guilty of not reading enough. I can genuinely say I haven’t finished a book since about year 7… It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading, but my anxiety has been so bad for so long that my mind is just constantly going 100000 mph and I can never settle down and focus on one thing at a time. With all of this extra downtime, I cant wait to start regularly reading again. I have bought 6 books to read whilst off so Im going to have to start soon!

Do more of something that you wouldn’t normally get the time to do

Baking is one of the things that I never get the time to do, however, it’s only fun to me if I have plenty of time to do it in and i’m not keeping to a timescale, so basically I’d be shit on the Great British Bake Off. With limited supplies in food shops, it has been a struggle to find everything but I am so ready to get my bake on next week!

Get outside!

At the moment, We’re still able to go for a stroll outside once a day, and with the current blue skies, I am lapping up every moment outside that I can. I aim for a 40 minute jog every morning, but even just to lay a towel out on the grass in the back garden and read a couple of chapters is better than nothing!

This is to reassure you that if you are feeling anxious/worried/stressed, you are definitely not alone. The whole world is feeling the same way at this moment in time. Life is changing faster than we’ve ever known it and it is a terrifying time for many. If you wake up with the mindset of “we’re one day closer to everything being back to normal” every morning, It is much easier to get on with the day. Having to manage day-to-day is tough anyway when you are living with mental health issues, but being cooped up for 24 hours of the day at home is not going to make that any easier. I hope that with my subtle (but effective) tips, it can help a couple of you out.

You are never alone in how you’re feeling. Someone will always understand. Stay safe!