my 6 best beauty investments

I have been makeup obsessed since a toddler. My mum was always so glamourous- she used to dress up like she was off to a dinner date at the shard just to do the school run. My adolescent years were spent stealing her makeup, begging her to buy me makeup and pinning her down to paint her face (I used to think she secretly loved it but now I read it back, how very annoying?)

When I was a bit older and I no longer had my mum there to poke around in her makeup bag, I used to save up all of my lunch money (sorry dad), take it to the bank, and then place a big order online of different products to try out; then when my blog hit off back in 2016, it was like any makeup-obsessed- 16-year-old’s dream. I used to receive packages on the daily of new products to try out and then blog about them.

Once I quit blogging and got a full time job, makeup just wasn’t as fun anymore. I was always rushing when I put it on and I never had the time to try out new products. As the years have gone on, my makeup collection has (sadly) gotten smaller and smaller; I now only put on a full face if I absolutely have to. BUT, my small collection is a group of products I trust and items that I have noticed I end up purchasing again and again.

Benefit porefessional* – This is actually the newest member of the group, and my third mini that I have purchased. The minute I popped this on, my world changed!!! It was like I was a walking airbrush filter. My skin is actually very clear so I don’t tend to wear a lot of foundation, but this just gives it the added oomph and any pores that are visible just seem to be smoothed over like they were never even there in the first place. You can also wear it if you’re having a no makeup day as it still gives the smooth appearance but also keeps any oily skin at bay.  10/10 on this one, well done benefit!

Elizabeth Arden 8 hr lip balm– This is the actual love of my life… Sorry brad. I bought this first when I went to Amsterdam back in 2016 as I was browsing in the duty-free section and was desperate for a lip balm. I had heard all of the beauty bloggers rave about it but I honestly thought- how good can a lip balm actually be? NAIVE. I WAS SO NAIVE. Let me tell you; once you use this, you’ll never even think about going back to Vaseline.  I apply the lip balm religiously anyway (definitely before going to sleep!) but it’s also amazing for treating super dry skin. My skin can sometimes react badly to the cold weather and I tend to get dry patches, but after a good sleep with the lip balm slathered all over the dry patch, it’s near enough normal by morning. 

ItCosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream* – I’ve loved this foundation for the longest time. It is a little pricey (£30) and I do notice myself repurchasing a new tube every 2 months or so but it’s so bloody worth it. The formula is the perfect amount of medium to full coverage, it feels so lightweight and it gives the most beautiful dewy finish. Once I apply, it literally does not move until I take it off again. I was actually sent a PR package years ago of a selection of their Your Skin But Better range which is how my love for it started, their concealer is an absolute godsend too!

Toofaced chocolate soleil matte bronzer* – I can’t lie, this is only my second pan I’ve purchased, but considering one pan lasts about 60 years at a time, I figured it had earnt its place really. I often struggle with bronzers as I find them normally either too green or too orange and do not get me started on the shimmery ones. I love the toofaced bronzer because it’s dark, matte and easy to blend.  It’s also really buildable so it’s good on days that I am not wearing much makeup.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer* – for £4 a pop you just cannot go wrong. Very comparable to the Tart Shape Tape, but a good £20 less! I either dab a tiny bit on for a more natural look, or if I’m going full glam, I’ll build it up. The texture is really creamy and so easy to blend, so perfect if I’m going for a contour.

Benefit Brow Zings* – I kid you not, I got my first pot of this just before my prom in July of 2015. This is all I have ever used on my brows since and I am still ONLY on my second pot!! The pot comes with two sides, half is pomade and half is powder. I rarely ever use the powder if I’m honest, but the pomade is such a great texture. I use the little angled brush that comes with it, and quite literally draw out my brows with the pomade, brush everything upwards and then usually I’m good to go- however if there is any sparse gaps, I then go back in with the powder to give an extra little boost!